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Arranged marriages

"In India marriage comes first, then love, whereas in a Western love relationship marriage often is the end of love." In India the parents have been trying to arrange the marriage of their child. When their child is ready to get married the parents began their search for a suitable match. Traditionally, a professional matchmaker would have helped the family to find a wife or husband. Thr parents write a short matrimonial. In this matrimonial they describing their child and the kind of wife or husband whom they felt would be suitable for their child. Important criterias are physical appearance, educational qualifications and the economic status. Arranged marriages are a tradition in India. In western countries they haven´t this tradition. They get married when they are really sure that the partner is the right person to life with him/her. I find that everyone has a different opinion about this tradition. Nima
26.3.15 20:03
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