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Can arranged marriages exceed over "real" love Relationships?

The Question is, do arranged marriages really work out compared to relationships where two persons came together because of their interests in each other? Well, arranged marriages in generell are common in India, instead of choosing your partner by yourself, your parents will do the job by selecting possible candidates through the internet, the news paper or other places. Parents are looking for several points, which should fit their claims. When there is someone, which your parents are satisfied with, they contact the family of the choosen one and arrange a meeting. If the meeting proceeded well enough and if all the questions of your parents are answered the marriage will be arranged. It could be that you will see your Partner for the first Time, when you are staying in front of him in the church. "In India, marriage comes first, then love, whereas in a Western love relationship marriage often is the end of love". This comment basically tells us why they arrange marriages in India. And if whe are looking at the western society many marriages split up actually. The People in India maybe arrange marriages to prevent theirselves (their children) and to prevent the chance of spliting up in the future by arranging marriages. Out of India, we choose our partners and staying together with them in a relationship for a long time first, to really make sure if the partner is the right person, but many relationships have the problem that they wont make out together after a long time which results in spliting up as i said. For me it is something i really can understand. It seems logically that Indians could fear, broke up marriages, also to mention the social stability. By arranging the marriage, the parents can make sure if the choosen one could be the right one, in contrast to our society we just think about if he/she could be the right one and often many characteristics show up in the future which the other person won't be satisfied with. Also, through the arranged marriage the couple get to know each other and if both of their wishes in a relationship work out together (in before checked by the parents) they get to love each other. But the fact is that actually arranged marriage split up aswell because of finding out the partner is not meant to be for yourself. I would say, that arranged marriages doesn't solve the Problem at all, of course it could be a good method to regulate couples seperating theirselves but it always depends on the individual person, their interests and preferences. Even if the horroscope says that both of you could be the perfect couple, every individual is different in the end & finding the perfect partner is something which really depends patience and not about stressing parents who are searching desperately for a match.

 So overall i would say it depends on the people itself, if they enjoy theirselves with their partner and the most important thing, if they feel satisfied mentally with their partner. Arranged marriages is something which could work out and where introduced of the social status in India i believe but in the End partents can't control the relationships of their children and if their children not feeling satisfied with their partner, why should they desperately staying together, everyone has the right to be happy.


15.3.15 20:38
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