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arranged marriage

Do arranged marriages really work out ? And is this the right way to spent the rest of your life with a partner you do not know anything about ? arranged marriages are still normal in countrys like india or for example in arabic countrys,generally we could say in people in which people follow their traditions and the old way of thinking . People does not have the chance  to know someone , maybe they does not know the feeling of beeing in love. They does not have any decisions because if you fall in love with somebody go out with somebody everybody talks  bad  behind the back of the families because its not usual that people fall in love first  and  then marry. Just the Parents choose the marriage patner.  My mother also does not my father  before because it was normal that the parents form the side of the groom came and ask the woman side of taking the girl as their daughter in law . After 2 weeks they got married . And i could definitely say  that love cames later.But she also told me that it would be nicer   if  someone know the person well before because its a strange feeling living with someone you does not know anything about . Now their are married since 26 years, but there still examples where it does not work because of the diffrent interests and notions. We can not say if people  which  fall in love before had an longer marrige  but i could say that the feeling is annother because you feel the love and you want the marriage from the heart . And if they divorce themselves they know they choose the person by themselves.






(written by Hana Kohlie )

24.3.15 21:32
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